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Net Innovations LLC is pleased to announce the next release of our web content management solution. With this release ContentCafe is being rebranded as EloType. We've added a lot of improvements and innovations to this release; check it out and see for yourself!
Net Innovations LLC will be sunsetting support for ContentCafe 2.x on May 1, 2014. Please see this news release for more information.
Building a web site takes a team. Web designers and developers need to collaborate with the owners of the content that will appear on the site. In an ideal world, all would sit around the same table to design, develop and fill in content for the web site together.

Of course, web site development never happens that way. Often web site development is a linear process - web designers create the design, developers implement the design along with 'business process' functionality then content owners add in the real content of the web site. Collaborative time is spent working out the details of meshing design, development and content.

ContentCafé removes the linear approach to building a web site. Designers, developers and content owners can work in parallel without hindering the work of others. Specifically:

  • developers can easily integrate their code into the overall web site design
  • designers have control of the overall site design including CSS styles and where they can be applied
  • content managers can keep site content fresh without coordinating with designers and developers

ContentCafé facilitates the seamless integration of design, code development and content. The end result is a better web site and a better use of collaborative time.

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