ContentCafé provides a different style of content management. While other web content management systems use the "kitchen sink" approach (using their own analytics, search, shopping carts, etc.), ContentCafé integrates with third party systems and services to provide a hybrid content management system that meets your needs. After all, the companies that provide those services are experts at what they do, why re-invent their wheel?
Built for Developers
Developers want to write code, not make simple text changes to a web site. And integrating design into code is not the best use of their time either. ContentCafé puts those tasks in the hands of the people who do it best, the owners of the content and the web designers, freeing the developer's time to write great web apps.

Developers will appreciate the underpinnings of ContentCafé. All elements are stored as XML data and all displays are written in XSL, both Internet standards. Need to extend ContentCafé to handle custom business processes? ContentCafé's built-in Coldfusion module element lets you integrate your custom code into the web site. And the site design "shell" gets placed around your code automatically!

Giving Designers Control
Handing over your beautiful web design only to have it marred by odd fonts and colors can be demoralizing. With ContentCafé you define what areas of the web page can be edited and all other areas are "hands off".

Additionally, you can define what styling options are available to your content managers. ContentCafé even allows you to define the CSS styles that are available (or completely remove styling options for those people who can't control the urge to use 36pt Vivaldi).

Content Owners in Charge
On the web content is king so why not put control of that content into the hands of the people who own it? ContentCafé allows content owners to modify web pages themselves, without having to enlist the expensive help of web designers and developers.

Content entered into ContentCafé can be reused in other areas of the web site. The end result is a web site with accurate, timely and engaging content. Isn't that what a web site should be?