Manuals and Whitepapers
The manuals listed to the right are for the most recent version of ContentCafé.

The Installation Manual, written for administrators of ContentCafé, describes the installation process. The manual describes the process of setting up your ColdFusion and web environments for ContentCafé then walks you through the ContentCafé installation web page. When completed, you will have a ContentCafé web site that you can log into.

After installing ContentCafé, you'll use the Site Administration manual to learn how to manage your site. This includes installing templates for web pages, defining styles and giving other accounts access to ContentCafé.

Once you've defined the components of your site the Content Manager Manual describes how to use ContentCafé to manage the content of your site. The people who maintain the content of the site will use this manual to learn how the ContentCafé interface works.

The whitepapers listed to the right provide specific information on how to interface ContentCafé with other web applications, how to get the best performance out of ContentCafé and ideas for making it easier to manage your ContentCafé sites.