Your web server can be configured to run multiple web sites using one copy of ContentCafé. The example below describes how to configure an Apache web server running Coldfusion 9. Other setups (eg, IIS running OpenBD) are also possible; see the documentation for those servers.

The Apache Configuration
For each VirtualHost in Apache you need to tell Apache where the /contentcafe directory is located. Use the "Alias" and "Directory" directives to do this, eg:

Alias /contentcafe/ "/var/www/html/contentcafe/"

    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

If all of your sites will be using the same ContentCafé installation, you can make the above configuration global to Apache by inserting the above configuration into Apache's configuration file outside of a VirtualHost directive.

The Coldfusion MX Configuration
Next, define a ColdFusion mapping in the ColdFusion Administrator. This setting is entered in Server Settings -> Mappings. Set the "Logical Path" to "/contentcafe" and the "Directory Path" to the location of the "contentcafe" folder on your web server.

Other Considerations
With this setup all of the CFM pages for ContentCafé are shared between all sites on the server, including the web pages used to modify the content of elements. If you make modifications to the CFM pages for ContentCafé those changes will be global.

Additionally, installation of new content element types still needs to be done on a site by site basis. For example, you need to install the Photo Gallery content element (through the ContentCafé Site Administration page) on each site you wish to have this element type.