The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) element can be used to manage a list of questions and answers. Using several of these content elements on a web page to create a multi-level FAQ.
Use the "Download Now" link to the right to download the XML package for the FAQ content element (if your browser displays the XML package instead of saving to a file, use your browser's "save as" feature to save the file). Then, in the Site Administration page, add the new content element type as described in section 8 of the Site Administration Manual.
The FAQ content element's questions and answers each consist of a formatted text block and an optional image.

The FAQ list also has header and footer text, a description, a question/answer prefix and optional numbering. When combined together, the prefix and numbering can provide an easy way to categorize and number questions (eg, the prefix "A." and numbering turned on results in questions being prefixed with "A.1", "A.2", etc).

Built-in Displays
The FAQ element includes 4 built-in displays:

  • A standard display of questions and answers
  • A list of questions with the answers hidden; clicking on a question shows the answer
  • A random question and answer are displayed.
  • A slideshow of questions, displayed one question at a time; clicking on the question shows the answer with a link to display the next question