The Photo Gallery content element pairs smaller thumbnail images with their larger full-sized images to create a gallery of photos.
Use the "Download Now" link to the right to download the XML package for the Photo Gallery content element (if your browser displays the XML package instead of saving to a file, use your browser's "save as" feature to save the file). Then, in the Site Administration page, add the new content element type as described in section 8 of the Site Administration Manual.
With the Photo Gallery element you define pairs of thumbnail and full size images along with an optional text title, description and copyright information to create a collection of images. Additionally you can specify optional header, description and footer information for the entire gallery.
The Photo Gallery element includes a display that shows a number of thumbnail images across the top (using the "start" and "end" images/text as next and previous links). Clicking on a thumbnail image displays the full size image below the thumbnail images.