Net Innovations LLC is pleased to announce the release of EloType 3.0, the successor to ContentCafe 2.0. This version introduces a number of new features including:

  • Support for the Railo coldfusion engine
  • A new theming engine which will allow you to switch site designs without losing content; this engine also allows you to switch page templates within a theme
  • Drag and drop uploading of images, styles, themes, elements and uploaded documents with a progress meter to show upload progress
  • User interface improvements including: the replacement of popup windows with jQuery dialogs; redesign many of the dialogs including the page/element versions, page selection, link selection, element display and site pages dialogs; AJAX calls for functionality which previously opened new windows; 
  • Title prefixes for each subdirectory within the site
  • An updated version of the formatted text editor
  • An integrated store (the EloStore) where new element types, element displays, themes and ColdFusion modules can be downloads - many for free
  • bug fixes and streamlined workflow (less clicking for simple processes)
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