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A love for Native American jewelry grew from a personal collection to a thriving storefront business in New Castle, Delaware. The next step, creating an online web presence to match the uniqueness of the Gallery, required a content management system that could handle hundreds of images used on web pages for dozens of artists. Automatically updating web pages based on changes to these assets was a must. ContentCafé was put to the task.

Managing Assets with Categories
Clearing defining page and image categories and how they would be used within the site architecture was the first step. The "Artists" page uses page categories to list artists based on the type of art they create (e.g., jewelry).  An "unlinked" category was combined with a custom display for the "Page/Document List" element to list artisans whose web pages were not yet complete but who should still be listed.

Image categories were used to categorize the images for each artist making searches for images much easier. 

A Custom Cart for a Unique Experience
Shopping at Cactus Wren Gallery, whether in the store or online, is an interactive experience where the shopper and store owner work together to make sure the shopper has a clear description of the artwork - from artist, tribe and materials to cost, payment and shipping.

To this end, does not use a standard shopping cart, where items are choosen strictly from photographs and online descriptions. Instead, as the shopper browses the work of each artist they have the option to add a piece to their "My Choice" selections. They can then click on the "My Choice" link to see a list of their choices, fill out the "Request Information" form and start a dialogue with the knowledgeable owners of Cactus Wren Gallery.

The selection of "My Choice" artwork is handled by a custom element display for the ContentCafé add-on "Photo Gallery" element. Display of the "My Choice" page is handled through the standard "ColdFusion Module" element.

The end result is a web site that complements the unique customer experience of the New Castle store.