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The Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund was established in 1976 as a non-medical resource center that provides advocacy, education, information, and financial assistance for needs not covered by insurance to families caring for terminally, critically, and chronically ill, severely disabled, or seriously injured children.

Accepting Donations via the Website
The use of the ContentCafé cfmodule element allowed developers to implement a third party shopping cart to process donations as well as track how donors would like their donations applied. In addition, Kelly Anne Dolan was able to use the payment processor of their choice and can process any future e-commerce activities.

Special Events
The Dolan Memorial Fund supports a variety of events for patients and their families. The News Item element and the News Item List element conveniently manage event descriptions and displaying event information. Whether it's attending a cruise or the Holiday Adopt-a-Family program, scheduling and obtaining the necessary information for participants is achieved via their website utilizing ContentCafé's cfmodule element. 

User Accounts
The flexibility of ContentCafé allowed developers to create detailed user accounts where professionals can make requests on behalf of patients and track those requests. Integrating this business process into the web site simplified communication between the Dolan Fund and referring professionals.

One Integrated Solution
ContentCafé gave the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund the means to have one integrated solution to handle their diverse processes in supporting their goals. Through their website they communicate who they are and what they do, they accept donations and they manage the processes they implement in support of the recipients of their generosity and hard work.

 Visit the Dolan Fund website