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When your web site's content is your organization's message being able to easily change that content is critical. Today, knowledge of HTML should not be a requirement to maintaining a web site. Additionally, having your web site tied to a content management system that is buggy and inconsistent is unacceptable.

This is the situation the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) found themselves with. Although their underlying content is the basics of the web (text, images and links) getting their message out is extremely important. MBCC was using a content management system that would often "go bad" during simple edits, leaving pages in strange states and the web master frustrated.

ContentCafé to the Rescue
Fortunately, all content management systems are not the same. For MBCC a demo ContentCafé site was created using their existing web content. This gave the web master a chance to compare ContentCafé with her (now former) content management system.

ContentCafé is designed to let people who know the content needs update their web sites. It is designed to let you see what changes will look like before they are made visible on the web site. And mostly ContentCafé is designed to not get in the way.

For MBCC, ContentCafé means control, not fear. 

"Clear and Intuitive"
Christine Haiss is the volunteer web master for the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition. She's also a satisfied customer. Simple things in her old content management system, like changing a font size, were not easy: 

"Today I spent a lot of time trying to change the font size on [our old content management system] for a particular entry before I finally gave up.  The ContentCafé font size and style features work effortlessly! There are also a variety of options for style (with [our old content management system], there are many options listed but almost all of them don't work)."

Being able to edit the page and preview the changes also had great appeal to Chris: 

"I like the way items can be selected separately so you can focus on adding or editing a specific item, and also find convenient how a particular item can be removed in its entirety with a quick click. My experience with [our old content management system] is that any editing could be perilous---often the whole page would "go bad" after some small edit was made.  I usually don't dare do any work with [our old content management system] unless I know I have hours to spend on whatever may happen.  I find the ContentCafé program to be clear and intuitive---anything I have tried has been easy to use."

And simple features, like an automatically generated list of PDFs, reduce her work even more: 

"[We] set up the links to the archived newsletters in a box on the news and events page.  This is an example of the type of feature that was not even available in [our old content management system] and is a great improvement over what we had."

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