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Read2Dream's goal is to encourage children to read through the use of challenges and rewards. Their web site is designed to help children set appropriate reading goals and help them meet those goals through a variety of activities.

ContentCafé provides the wrapper for managing the content of the site including the interfaces for readers to log their book reading achievements. Our PayPal element provides for full order processing from order placement through fulfillment.

Easily Managed Custom Functionality

Although Read2Dream uses an extensive amount of custom coding, all of this coding integrates easily into ContentCafé and the existing site. The forms that are used to manage accounts, enter read book information and other account data use our Form Element to accept data and coldfusion modules are used to save the information stored in the form.

Additionally, book recommendations are a custom element within ContentCafé that is defined through an XML structure. Lists of book recommendations are created using the "List of Element Types" element combined with element categories to easily created complex lists that get updated automatically as book recommendations are added to the web site.

PayPal Processing From Order to Fulfillment

The ContentCafé PayPal element provides the Reward Zone functionality of the site. The product pages include a photo gallery element to provide information beyond what PayPal allows in their "saved buttons". The list of products displayed in the Reward Zone is created with the same "List of Element Types" element that is used to list book recommendations.

Order fulfillment is processed through administrative pages that list orders and provide shipping information.

Room to Expand

As Read2Dream expands ContentCafé continues to grow as well. Plans for new features to engage readers, parents and teachers are in the works and ContentCafé will ready to make those dreams a reality.

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